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    Who Are We?

    Before we get too deep into sailing, I figured that a little background might be in order. Live2Sail.com is an idea that Becca and I have been playing with for a few years.  We love sailing, and over the past few years, we have had a number of our friends and family get in touch to talk about sailing, boats to buy, as well as where we have sailed and why we got into sailing. Sailing is not a rich man’s sport or hobby, trust me, we aren’t rolling in the dough here.  Actually, sailing is an activity that all income levels and all walks of life can enjoy.  From…

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    Welcome to Live2Sail

    Welcome to Live2Sail!! Live2Sail.com was founded to provide a resource for people looking to get more information about sailing.  Whether you have never sailed before, or you have thousands of miles under your belt, we are sure you can find something of use here.